What is a Wedding Planner?

The figure of the wedding planner was born in the United States in the 50s, due to the incorporation of women into working life, and because of the lack of time and the amount of details that must be organized in wedding, brides begin to hire our services. However, the figure of Wedding Planner in Spain does not arrive until 2009 and in the Canary Islands it arrives a little later.


 Wedding planners are responsible for being the right hand of the bride and groom and making the couple have their most special day. In addition, during the event they are in charge of making everything go smoothly. It has not yet been clear to you what a wedding planner is. Here are 8 reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a wedding planner.

1. Advice

The main task of a wedding planner is to help the bride and groom in the complete organization of the wedding. There are many preparations that entail a wedding and a wedding planner knows perfectly where to start, which are the suppliers that most urgently need to hire, a large list of elements that must be carried out so that the wedding is perfect.


2. We know the market

The job of a Wedding Planner is to know the market and know which suppliers are reliable and which are not. We present you to the suppliers that fit your needs, ensuring that with us you save time in endless research of what will be the best catering for your wedding zero stress with a Wedding Planner in Spain, you only have to make decisions when she the present them to you.

Everything else, such as market research, requesting budgets, chasing suppliers, and so on, can be forgotten. You just have to enjoy your time.


3. Professional and creative

A wedding planner is a wedding professional. Has experience and training in organizing events, scheduling, organizing and managing each of the elements involved in the wedding. Advice on the choice of decoration, making sure that everything is harmonious and reflects your personality; provide ideas to make your wedding, a unique wedding. It anticipates possible contingencies and above all it knows to give solution to each one of them, having always under the sleeve a B plan.

4. You can get discounts

Wedding Planers are in contact with the best suppliers. This is beneficial for two reasons: they will have an answer for everything you need in a fast and efficient way. In addition you enjoy the discounts of their suppliers.

5. Personal Assistant

They will have someone at your side that will be your confidences in the whole process, someone who will watch over your interests, listen carefully to your wishes and concerns. The objective of a Wedding Planner in Spain is to solve with maximum efficiency to delegate everything with total peace of mind.


6. Do you live outside? Count on us

We believe that every bride and groom should hire a wedding planner for the whole process or part of it, it is an indispensable service if they are married in a place outside of your residence and that involve transfers and guest stays.

Normally in these cases the bride and groom are unaware of the best places and the best suppliers to guarantee a perfect wedding, so the normal and advisable thing is that they delegate the planning task from the beginning with us. You and your guests will be much more relaxed being received and welcomed with the best possible service.

7. They manage to convey the essence of a wedding.

A Wedding Planner is able to visualize all this and achieve the effect they want using their experience and knowing the latest trends in the sector.

8. Assistance and coordination on the day of the wedding

On your wedding day, the Wedding Planner will take care of everything, so that they only dedicate themselves to enjoy. They ensure the proper functioning of everything on the day of the link. In short, get that you are responsible for enjoying one of the most important days of your life with the guests.