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Choose the right table for your banquet according to the style of your wedding

You are organizing your wedding or just dreaming about your magical day. But, you have not stopped to think about what kind of table you should use at the treat. Although it seems unimportant, knowing the types of table, its advantages and disadvantages is essential when talking with your catering company. Many times we are guided only by trends, but we must take into account other details, such as the number of guests, the dimensions for assembly and the level of interaction you want them to have. A point that should be noted is that the ideal space between diners is about 60 cm for each, so we will ensure your comfort at the banquet. We will explain the different types of table you can use at your banquet, so that your guests enjoy as much as you.


Trends for Weddings Dresses in 2019

If your wedding is approaching and you have already started looking for your wedding dress, you may have doubts about which design to choose, what type of dress or what style to choose. Here we detail the new trends in wedding dresses for 2019.


Conference with elite Wedding Planners in Italy

Our team traveled to Italy for a conference with elite Wedding Planners from around the world.


Decoration for events

Before starting with the decoration for events it is very important to know what kind of party/event it is and to know what kind of decorations for parties we can use on every different occasion. For example: A birthday, a wedding, a communion, a christening, a business party.

It is essential that before you put on the decor you define that style will have the decor. There are No basic rules for decorating a party, as much depends on imagination and creativity.

It is true that we must harmonize some of the places or spaces of the event, which are the most important in the celebration. The styles of decoration that are fashionable today are: Vintage style, style inspired by other cultures, bohemian style and rustic style.



The new trend in weddings.


Trends for Weddings in 2019

Weddings are increasingly sophisticated where each couple has their own personalized taste and is reflected in the decoration of your wedding, using different styles with original themes, personalized to the last detail or looking for what makes them memorable that are cared for detail.


What is a Wedding Planner?

What is a Wedding Planner?

The figure of the wedding planner was born in the United States in the 50s, due to the incorporation of women into working life, and because of the lack of time and the amount of details that must be organized in wedding, brides begin to hire our services. However, the figure of Wedding Planner in Spain does not arrive until 2009 and in the Canary Islands it arrives a little later.


 Wedding planners are responsible for being the right hand of the bride and groom and making the couple have their most special day. In addition, during the event they are in charge of making everything go smoothly. It has not yet been clear to you what a wedding planner is. Here are 8 reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a wedding planner.

Engaged recently? This is what you should do next …

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, you have an engagement ring and you’re getting married!

Congratulations! It is a great moment and you are beginning a special journey in your life. But what should you do after committing?

The first steps you take after your engagement is the preparation for a successful wedding planning process. After your engagement the next step is to tell all family members and close friends about the great news. Think of those special people who you would like to give the news personally and as a couple.

One way to do this is to organize a dinner or a family meal or a casual meeting and make them know about the big news. Prepare to repeat a thousand times how it all happened, the future brides  friends will ask “Did he kneel? Was it romantic …?” Once your inner circle is updated, you can then spread the news in your social networks.


Weddings in Canary Islands

We organize Weddings in the Canary Islands

Weddings in the Canary Islands – The Canary Islands have become the favorite destination for many Wedding brides in Destination for Weddings in Destanation. It is the ideal place to say ‘yes, I want’.

It is a paradise, a destination that offers us several advantages and options when it comes to celebrating our wedding. These islands are considered as the sun of Europe and are an idyllic destination thanks to its enviable climate, allowing you to enjoy its wonderful beaches throughout the year. Weddings in the Canaries are special; the couple can relax, sunbathe or practice sports such as surfing, windsurfing or diving.

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