Before starting with the decoration for events it is very important to know what kind of party/event it is and to know what kind of decorations for parties we can use on every different occasion. For example: A birthday, a wedding, a communion, a christening, a business party.

It is essential that before you put on the decor you define that style will have the decor. There are No basic rules for decorating a party, as much depends on imagination and creativity.

It is true that we must harmonize some of the places or spaces of the event, which are the most important in the celebration. The styles of decoration that are fashionable today are: Vintage style, style inspired by other cultures, bohemian style and rustic style.

Mix Rustic Style and Vintage Style

The vintage style is not only used in fashion, it is also used for decorations of parties and celebrations. When we talk about vintage, we refer to certain objects that belong to another time of previous years, they are not old articles. In decoration there is no guide that determines how it should be, because it depends on the tastes and current trends of fashion.

In this type of decoration you can use rustic country styles, mixing elements of nature with elegant ones, and other nostalgic ones. A vintage party can have black and white photos of the family and that costs nothing !. In this type of decoration we will see great presences of bottles, jars, cages for the centerpiece, glass jars with natural flowers, a sewing machine as a centerpiece in the vintage style and different objects of retro decoration that are protagonists at the tables especially accompanied with many flowers.

The tendency of the vintage when it comes to decorating a wedding or a party is to use natural flowers for centerpieces or for any other decorative object of the party, it is essential, and we cannot replace them with artificial options. Another factor that is used a lot in vintage decoration are the candy tables that we will see about barrels, trunks, and wooden pallets that usually fit in with the decoration of the event and the invitations. The lighting in these types of decoration is also booming, using dim, intimate and romantic lights that hang from a rustic text or candelabra with simple water and floating candles.


Bohemian and Chic style

This style is for lovers of hippie philosophy, is characterized by its spontaneity and rebelliousness when it comes to mixing the decoration. In this type of decoration carpets are used on the floor with cushions of ethnic patterns, Moroccan-style pubs, tents, turkish-type lanterns, Moroccan, even Indians. In this type of decoration they use many wild flowers with colors this type of decoration they use also for the cake. When you decide for this type of event, it is to do it calmly and without hurry.


Events inspired by other cultures or themes

We live in a culturally rich society, increasingly there are people who know each other in another country, either because they have been there of Erasmus, have had to move to another country for work, or simply their parents fell in love in another country and have Acquired two different cultures.

Therefore, when they go to make an event what a better way than to introduce in the decoration several cultures, for example if they have friends from India, they will be able to fill the decoration of the event in colors accompanied by typical foods of India. They could also do a themed event mixing the two cultures in both decoration and food.