If your wedding is approaching and you have already started looking for your wedding dress, you may have doubts about which design to choose, what type of dress or what style to choose. Here we detail the new trends in wedding dresses for 2019.

1. Lace

This year lace dresses have become the star of the show of this season this fabric is created by mixing yarns, which can be silk or cotton or even metal, Chantilly is another type of lace that consists of a thin network.  It brings a sophisticated air of elegance and style using the best materials, with details of gold thread and other sumptuous elements. The details abound and the patterns are carefully designed as we can see in the wedding of Tamara and Fernando celebrated in Gran Canaria and organized by Neena Davis. In 2019 wedding dresses you can find a variety of mermaid wedding dresses with this type of lace.


Wedding dress of Tamara with lace from Pronovias

2. Transparencies

A clear trend that we saw in the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week are the transparencies. We have seen them in all the designers, in all the catwalks, and in a thousand and one ways, combined with lace throughout the body that covers only the essential, transparencies with impressive necklines in front, sexy transparencies leaving bear backs and arms to highlight certain parts of the body. The transparency, one more year, will be a “Must Have” in wedding dresses. A further addition to the wedding dresses is the opening at the height of the leg. A very seductive detail that has been found in both the most daring designs and other more classic. An opportunity to teach without excess and give a sexy touch to the wedding dress. We see these trends in the bridal collections of Rosa Clará and Pronovias.

Wedding dress worn by Tamara with transparencies and flowers by Pronovias


3. Feathers

If you are looking for a dress that gives off movement when walking you can incorporate details of feathers to your brides dress, they are ideal for those who want to wear a unique and personal dress. In addition, they favor all types of women and have become, along with floral arrangements, essential elements in a bridal look and as there are no two equal feathers, your dress will have its own personality and will be a unique piece.

Wedding dresses with feathers by Novia Demetrios


4. Sleeves

If you are looking for something different from everything we have seen so far, long-sleeved dresses are booming this year, bridal fashion firms have joined the trend since the long sleeve perfectly combines with all types of fabrics and models. dresses, whether lace, tulle or crepe, so that you can choose the one you like the most and with which you will undoubtedly dazzle on your wedding day, leaving behind the dresses of conventional brides.

Wedding dress with Sleeves by Nicole Spose


5. Capes

Since last year capes of princesses came stomping on the catwalks. This year they are presented in different sizes and varieties from feather to gauze or silk. The layers of the cape help to shape the figure of the bride and adapt perfectly to both classic and modern looks. The cape can be turned into veils and you can also cover yourself when leaving the ceremony.

Wedding dress with Cape by Rosa Clará

6. Bows

The bows began in 2018 and are still present this 2019. It has become one of the most sought after garments of recent months, Millennial brides prefer jumpsuits because they are modern and daring, with a back opening a unique detail that will stand out from among all the other dresses.