Weddings are increasingly sophisticated where each couple has their own personalized taste and is reflected in the decoration of your wedding, using different styles with original themes, personalized to the last detail or looking for what makes them memorable that are cared for detail.


Transparencies are fashionable when decorating weddings. Either in the wedding dress or in touches as transparent chairs for the guests. The transparencies in decoration bring luminosity and the results are environments full of light and calm.


Table Decoration

Tables with patterned tablecloths, without tablecloths or at least not covered at all. The paths on the tables and under plates will be the new protagonists, leaving the materials of the table to light. They are especially good with elongated tables, imperial type. 


Balloon decoration

Balloons have become fashionable to decorate weddings. They are cheap, very decorative and nowadays we can find them in a great variety of colors, shapes, sizes

A great resource to give a fun and informal touch to a wedding. Another trend that is seeing more are the transparent balloons that we can fill with confetti or with a little green. The result is very beautiful and spectacular.

You can also use the balloons to transmit messages to the guess. You can put your initials, write a sentence or send kisses to everyone.


Decoration with Velvet fabric

It is the fashionable texture and sneaks into wedding decorations from dresses to tablecloths through bows to decorate the tables. A texture full of strength that imprints personality and luxury where you place it. The tablecloths in this fabric express opulent and glamorous environments.


Decoration colors

One way to add a magical touch to your wedding is to play with pastel colors, such as rose quartz, powdered rose, you can see them in dresses, in bouquets, in makeup, serene blue they are seen in brushstrokes between the flowers of the bouquet or in some details of bridal outfit, such as shoes, headdress or even overskirt.

Green tones plant arrangements in the church and at the banquet. Decorations with leaves try to offer a sense of continuity with the exterior. Violet Provencal, Elegant and sophisticated, lavender from Provence, is one of the most sought after for wild bridal bouquets, also for decorating centerpieces.

Renovated gold is an elegant, sophisticated and romantic color. It is a tendency to use this color in brushstrokes, without abusing it, combining it with white and green, in the decoration of the banquet room.


Arches for the couple

The arches with balloons are trends for the wedding, these bows are designed to become the center of the images and that will give a unique air to your wedding. They can be with balloons alone or combining balloons with flowers, whether natural or not.

Or they can be only with flowers, with a recycled staircase, with branches, with sticks … Any idea is worth to give a unique touch to your wedding and turn it into a very special day for everyone.


Chic rustic style

The chic rustic style is simple, centered on the wood in the decoration with country style flowers, the pallets are used as wild cards for ornamentation.

It is still in the trend to recycle wooden boxes, one on top of the other and logs, old stairs … Everything to give a rustic and recycled touch to your wedding.

It only takes a little imagination, some flowers, fabrics and candles … we can use wooden logs, old doors, wooden stairs or recycled pallets to decorate corners of your wedding, giving a bohemian air to your wedding.

Neon lights

Another idea that takes some time with us but still in full swing for weddings and events.

Personalize neon lights can be a plus in decoration. There are different lion lights, with letters, in the form of lips, hearts .. Follow the trends of 2019 the light curtains and hanging bulbs in outdoor celebrations.