The first part of the blog about honeymoon trips is dedicated to cruises, an option for those couples who want to see different countries and at the same time rest.

In regards to the honeymoon there are tastes for everyone; there are couples who prefer to visit cities, go on an African safari or just relax on a paradise island.

In this second part we will talk about the best places to go on a honeymoon.

If you want to spend your honeymoon in a city, these are some of the places that I most love:

Cape Town

It is the second most populous city in South Africa, after Johannesburg. In this City you will find the largest museum dedicated to Contemporary Art of Africa, the Zeitz museum of Contemporary Art Africa. In addition, this city has much to offer such as Table Mountain, named one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world, which can be explored by foot or by cable car. Its panoramic views are incredible. South Africa boasts idyllic beaches, including Boulders Beach, the home of a colony of African penguins; you can bathe with them and also with sharks in an iron cage so you can live the experience safely.

Half an hour by ferry from Cape Town is Roben Island, there you will find the prison where Nelson Mandela was 18 years in prison and you can visit his cell on a tour. Undoubtedly, Cape Town captivates and is an incredible place to enjoy the pleasures of life.



New York

It is one of the most famous cities and for many couples the most romantic in the world, with its impressive skyscrapers, its famous Fifth Avenue. If you visit Times Square, you will be dazzled by the screens that project luminous advertisements incessantly, the crowds of tourists occupy every inch, the vendors and street performers do not rest. In the theaters of Broadway, every night there are mythical musicals and plays that you can not miss.

You can get lost in Central Park with a romantic horse carriage ride. If you want to see something unique and romantic visit the Empire State at dusk, it is spectacular, it creates a feeling of peace and a very pleasant atmosphere. New York is a city that will surprise you in a thousand ways.



There are many couples who want honeymoon destinations that are as special and spectacular as possible and there is no better place than Japan. Spring is undoubtedly one of the best times to visit Japan. One of the main attractions of the country to admire, is the flowering of the Sakura, which usually occurs between the end of March and the beginning of April, so these dates are ideal if you want to enjoy this wonderful country.

Tokyo, capital of Japan, inhabited by almost 12 million people. It is a city full of colorful gardens, temples and monuments, lots of traditional markets and huge shopping centers. You can visit its classic restaurants and taste their typical food, ending some night in one of their typical karaokes. You can continue your Honeymoon traveling to: Kyoto.

The best time to visit Kyoto is in April, the entire city is dressed in pink because of the beautiful cherry blossoms. Nara, like Kyoto, Nara still retains the spirit of traditional Japan in many of its streets and buildings, so it is a must see on your trip to Japan. Within the vicinity of Nara Park is the Todaiji temple, famous for the statue of the Great Buddha and the great Nandai-mon gate. Osaka, is the third largest city in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama. It is worth visiting to enjoy its people, much more direct and noisy than that of other towns and cities of Japan and their food, Osaka people love to eat well.

You can enjoy the wonderful views and a spectacular sunset from the Umeda Sky Building, a futuristic building that is worth visiting as it is also worth seeing the Gate Tower Building, a unique building, through which a highway passes .



This continent is perfect for couples who want to explore, see safaris, waterfalls, wild animals and other adventures.

Tanzania is one of the most requested destinations for a safari; It is full of national parks where you can see herds of Connochaetes and a variety of landscapes, from the Savannah in the Serengeti National Park to Kilimanjaro or the beaches of Zanzibar, the scene of the Great Migration.

Tanzania is one of the countries in Africa where the greatest variety of animals can be seen. Kenya is a destination for romance and adventure. Recall that Kenya was the scene of the filming of the love story told in Memories of Africa. In addition, it is the first destination of wild nature, on the one hand, you can find reserves of lions, elephants, leopards and, on the other hand, you can contemplate a Kilimanjaro full of snow. The contrast is incredible.

The photographic safari is mandatory in this area and sunsets a thing of another world. Botswana is a country that hides unique wonders and many activities perfect for an adventure honeymoon and different. It is one of the great strangers of the African continent, virgin and wild nature an environment subject to the vicissitudes of nature; Elephants, hippos, giraffes, antelopes and crocodiles coexist in peace and harmony, among many other species. The fauna and flora of Botswana is rich, varied and very stimulating for the couple who are thirsty for adventure.


New Zealand

It is an ideal wedding trip for lovers of nature and adventure activities. New Zealand will make you fall in love with its extensive natural parks, mountains, volcanoes, geysers, glaciers, fjords, rivers and forests.

These are the most beautiful places to enjoy a honeymoon from the two islands, the North and the South: North Wellington : the capital, a place full of culture and art. In the evening you can have drinks in this cosmopolitan city and visit the neighborhoods of Kelburn and Thorndon. Auckland: The largest city in New Zealand, formed by numerous dormant volcanoes and a colorful mix of European, Maori, Polynesian and Asian cultures.

If you like water sports, this is your place. Do not forget the beautiful bays of St. Helier and Mission.Rotorua: It is located just above the Pacific Ring of Fire, and offers a wide variety of activities for all types of honeymooners. Start your adventure by rafting in a 7 meter waterfall, the highest in the world where you can go rafting. If what you want is to relax, you can try the romantic hot springs and the spas with views. South Milford Sound.

It is southwest of the South Island of New Zealand. It is located in the Fiordland National Park. Your shadows and the silhouette of the Miter peak will seduce you. The entire Milford area is impressive! Queenstown: It is known for being an adventure capital, it is also an ideal place for couples. If you want to try bungy jumps, Queenstown has the original and the highest in New Zealand, skydiving and the Shotover Jet boat ride, rafting, and if you go in winter there are several tracks to enjoy skiing. You want to spend a relaxing time and just enjoy a beautiful view, do not hesitate to visit the town of Wanaka, the place and the landscape of the lake between the mountains will steal your breath.


But if you want to spend your honeymoon in exotic destinations, here are some of the best and most romantic:


This island located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Madagascar, has only 2,000 km2, is very prepared to receive newly married couples and its catalog of activities is spectacular, it will delight you with its variety of idyllic landscapes, its multiculturalism, the great amount of entertainment it offers, as well as an exquisite culinary offer full of flavor, all accompanied by a spectacular climate, except from January to April that are very humid and hot months.

The luxury hotels and resorts offer discounts for stays of Honeymoon, some include extras such as candlelight dinner under the stars on the beach. This place is a perfect place to go unnoticed enjoying all that the island offers. Highlights: Romantic beaches: a set of white sand beaches welcomes you.

Dive or snorkel in the coral barriers of Grand Baie, Visit Morne Brabant, Mont Choisy, Belle Mare or Tamarin, and also the natural lake Grand Bassin, located inside the crater of a volcano and consecrated to the God Shiva..Garden and spices: In Por Louis (capital) you will find a market with thousands of spices and a very characteristic sugar, savor the exquisite Creole food and its juicy tropical fruits, and of course, embrace you before a spectacular sunset at Mont Choisy Beach. And you can also visit the Pamplemousses garden that contains almost 700 plant species.



On the east coast of Africa, we find the Seychelles Islands, an archipelago of 115 islands with a splendid tropical climate that makes it possible for us to visit them at any time of the year, except November, December and January which is when the monsoon winds hit and there are torrential rains .

These islands are a perfect place to enjoy a most romantic honeymoon. A trip to these spectacular islands is a guarantee of fun in spectacular landscapes.

In addition, some of its beaches are among the best in the world, they are white sand beaches and the turquoise waters show beautiful coral reefs. You can not miss these places in Seychelles: Victoria Harbor: this city is the capital of the island of Mahé and is the largest of all. It is a colonial city, where you will see a replica of Big Ben, a beautiful botanical garden with a giant turtle terrarium and an elegant orchid garden and a market with its square.

Leaving the city you will find the best beaches of the whole group of islands. Denis Island: it is a private island where the most prestigious resorts in the world are located. White sand and hundreds of palm trees create a spectacular landscape. It has a large reserve of giant birds and turtles, thrush, and native warblers. La Digue: It is located on the west side of Felicité Island and houses the most beautiful beach in the world, Anse Source d´Argent.Silhouette, the only granite island of the world with mysterious caves and Mount Pot à Eau to see rare carnivorous plants, huge centipedes and large snails.



The Maldives archipelago is in the Indian Ocean, south of India, is composed of 1,190 coral islands. You can spend whole days in practically deserted islands in private bungalows where you can enjoy beauty treatments, spa and body care. And if what you are looking for is a little adventure for your honeymoon, you can always sign up for a seaplane excursion to see this myriad of islands from the sky.

It is the smallest country in all of Asia and also the one with less altitude. On this island the norm is: no news or wearing shoes. Hydroplane or boat: this will be your means of transport to move to your “hotel – island”. You can hire mini flights to see all the islands up close. Choosing an island is not a priority, anyone is perfect, although the most visited are Kandholhu, Fuamulaku (a different and fertile island where fruits grow that do not exist in the rest of the islands, and whose inhabitants are reputed to be more long-lived) Diffushi and Reethi Raat.

These islands will offer you unique experiences, such as, for example, imagine eating inside or under the sea, yes … the table on the water or inside an underwater restaurant. The sunsets are brutal and the variety of water sports too. Bathing in the sea at night is amazing, you will see how the water is illuminated thanks to bioluminescent organisms (light emitters). Desert island: if you ever dreamed of spending a few hours on a desert island this is the perfect occasion, hire a guide and leave you a few hours on an uninhabited island. Bad: go to the capital Male and visit the Great Mosque on Friday, the most important in the city or the oldest Hukuru Miski, walk hand in hand through the pleasant Park of the Sultan and have a snack at the busy Bazaar Singapore.


Bora Bora

A very typical destination for the Honeymoons. Located 230 kilometers northwest of Tahiti, it is an island surrounded by a lagoon and surrounded by a coral reef and where the Otemanu and Pahia mountains (660 meters) stand out, which practically close this spectacular setting of exotic beauty in French Polynesia.

Bora Bora bungalows, built on water, offer couples the possibility to relax. Its beaches of calm, clear and warm waters, with green palm trees and the high extinct volcano make this a paradise. The city is surrounded by a pond, which makes crystal clear beaches similar to a pool.

The color of the depth of the sea varies depending on the depth: turquoise, green, blue … This island not only offers us beach and relaxation, you can also see the life that lives under those crystalline waters and dive with the fauna of the place, do 4 × 4 Tour of the island, and visit Vaitape, which is one of the largest locations in Bora Bora. In it you will find restaurants, shops … You can enjoy the local cuisine and, in case you want to buy a souvenir, you can find local handicrafts.

Flying over Bora Bora is a unique place and this is a trip that is not done every day. The helicopter tour enjoying the panoramic view offered by this area of ​​French Polynesia can be somewhat expensive, but it is certainly worth it. One of the things you should not miss if you go to Bora Bora, is the Excursion to Mount Otemanu, where you can enjoy its fauna and flora or dare to go climbing.


In Conclusion

The truth is that each place has a special charm, so it is best to compare interests and tastes to opt for new places to discover. Many couples choose destinations simply because of the amount of tourism or recommendations of friends, but I think to combine between adventure and relaxation It is a good idea to have the maximum number of experiences.

Of course, it is important to review the tourist package hired, culture of the country, customs, vaccinations, travel insurance, etc. Regardless of the choice, starting a new married life is perfect anywhere.