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Design the wedding of your dreams with Neena Davis

Interview Conducted by Pronto Pro Magazine:

Neena Davis Davis, born in Sierra Leone (Africa), has been on the fantastic island of Gran Canaria for 34 years, where she has always felt very welcome. Thanks to the efforts of her family, she was able to study the career she wanted: administration and business management, hence her vocation to undertake. She has always liked to organize parties since she was a teenager, and her friends laughed saying that she was always organizing something.

Years later, she continues with that passion and after graduating she started working in the family business, and there she was in various departments, the last position was in business management for several years. After working in the family business, she decided to start a new professional career, first in a hotel, being able to organize and manage different types of events, weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and others of various kinds.

This is a job that you are passionate about, it makes you creative and happy. This was one of the reasons that prompted her to create her own company, her company is called Neena Davis Weddings & Events, but behind this name there is a great human team. All the suppliers you work with, such as the designer, photographer, videographer, catering, florist, hairdresser, makeup artist, image and sound and all the team involved in a wedding or any other event that they organize, are great professionals and care a lot about their clients, since they are like a big family.

They are also part of her team, although they do not work in her company, her friends and her partner, who is her unconditional support. Neena explains that her employment has been subject to changes such as the type of weddings, since now there are fewer traditional weddings , fewer links around the church and more symbolic celebrations in which couples use their imagination and wedding planners help develop that creativity by contributing their experience. The latest change has come due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as many grooms have postponed their weddings to the years 2021 or 2022 and wedding professionals have put all their understanding at the disposal of those grooms who have been forced to change the date of the most important day of their lives. There is no doubt in addition to the losses that all those in her sector have suffered, although all agree that the health of couples and their families is paramount. The reason that pushes her to fulfill her day-to-day job is because she loves her job, even if it sounds cliché. Every day she wakes up with a new idea and dream.


Ideas for a Honeymoon: Part Two

The first part of the blog about honeymoon trips is dedicated to cruises, an option for those couples who want to see different countries and at the same time rest.

In regards to the honeymoon there are tastes for everyone; there are couples who prefer to visit cities, go on an African safari or just relax on a paradise island.

In this second part we will talk about the best places to go on a honeymoon.

If you want to spend your honeymoon in a city, these are some of the places that I most love:


Honeymoon Cruises: First part

Your honeymoon will become one of the most exciting experiences of your life, the one you will always remember for being the first trip as newlyweds and organising it is as important as the pre-wedding preparations. Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination can be a difficult task, it all depends on the tastes and preferences of each couple.


Choose the right table for your banquet according to the style of your wedding

You are organizing your wedding or just dreaming about your magical day. But, you have not stopped to think about what kind of table you should use at the treat. Although it seems unimportant, knowing the types of table, its advantages and disadvantages is essential when talking with your catering company. Many times we are guided only by trends, but we must take into account other details, such as the number of guests, the dimensions for assembly and the level of interaction you want them to have. A point that should be noted is that the ideal space between diners is about 60 cm for each, so we will ensure your comfort at the banquet. We will explain the different types of table you can use at your banquet, so that your guests enjoy as much as you.

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