You are organizing your wedding or just dreaming about your magical day. But, you have not stopped to think about what kind of table you should use at the treat. Although it seems unimportant, knowing the types of table, its advantages and disadvantages is essential when talking with your catering company. Many times we are guided only by trends, but we must take into account other details, such as the number of guests, the dimensions for assembly and the level of interaction you want them to have. A point that should be noted is that the ideal space between diners is about 60 cm for each, so we will ensure your comfort at the banquet. We will explain the different types of table you can use at your banquet, so that your guests enjoy as much as you.

1. Round Tables

The most popular and the most used in most banquets.
The advantages of these types of tables is that they are ideal for all diners to see each other and have a fluent conversation, and also because the presidency does not stand out like this all the seats have the same importance.
The disadvantage of these types of tables is the space, since they do not park more than 12-14 people being the most advisable to sit from 6 to 10 people. It is not recommended to opt for this type of tables with many guests


Neena Davis with her decoration for a luxury wedding.

2. Square Tables

It has the characteristic of being an elegant table and the advantage is that it invites interaction between the guests, they are great if there are families and guests who do not know each other or families who have not seen each other for a long time. The drawback for this type of tables is that it occupies a lot of space is ideal for intimate weddings or for no more than 150 guests, and more when the place of the banquet does not enjoy large dimensions.

In the case of this table, the most normal is to sit 4, 8 or at most, 12 people, although really for so many guests it is a little awkward table when communicating with each other.

Elegant square table for a wedding.


3. Rectangular Tables

This type of table is very popular at weddings and outdoor events, country-style if you want to achieve a charming rural-style air. The advantage is that rectangular tables are used for weddings with many guests in more or less small spaces, Less tables are needed and in this way a not-so-large wedding hall can be used. Depending on the size of the table can accommodate 30 people, although it is an advantage is an inconvenience since all diners will not have the same interaction with each other. In this type of table you can mark either the English presidency (one at each end) or the French presidency (located in the center, on one side and the other).

Elegant Rectangular Table.


4. Oval Tables

It is very similar to the rectangular one, it differs as an oval table is more usable in space and because to mark the presidency you have to do it the French style, that is, the couple located in the center of the table on one side and another. The biggest drawback, like the rectangular table, is that diners cannot see or have a uniform conversation.

Oval table in a wedding.


5. Imperial Style Tables

Formerly any large table with a lot of capacity received this name. Today this type of table refers to rectangular tables with rounded ends and large dimensions. Advantages: they are tables for a minimum of 50 guests, it is the type of tables that is usually used in large banquets, such as royal weddings. They are very elegant tables. This rounded shape gets, in front of the rectangular table, is that all diners have companion both to the right and to the left. In the case of this table, the presidency is also placed in the center of the sides. Another advantage is that catering is much easier for catering staff.

Disadvantage, Keep in mind that in the elongated tables you can only talk with those in front and next, since there is no vision among the rest of the guests. This can be a problem, for others it will be comfortable and will save awkward situations with people you don’t want to sit with.

Endless imperial table at a luxury wedding.

6. U Shaped Tables

This is styled on very special occasions and they are very colorful, they are very beautiful and one of the advantages is that you can place many guests and it is perfect for when you want to sit at the same table where the bride and groom are and not only the closest ones, another advantage is that throughout the table several groups of conversations are created. In this type of table it is not allowed to occupy the two extremes, nor the side facing the presidential.


U Shaped Tables.

7. Horseshoe-shaped table

The difference of the U-shaped table is that it has the central part curved inwards so that it simulates the shape of a horseshoe. In this type of table no guests are placed inside the horseshoe, nor at the ends It is excellent for holding a debate or conversation, it is used only in business meetings or meetings of nations or organizations.

Horseshoe-shaped tables in a meeting.

8. Cocktail Tables

If what you prefer is that the celebration of your wedding is cocktail type instead of a traditional banquet, they are made by placing high tables for two or three people.

It is very important that take into account the amount of diners in relation to the available space has to be wide enough so that the guests can move well, so Comfortable and without tightness. Apart from the guests, the waiters must also be able to circulate quietly, serving dishes and picking them up, as well as empty glasses, as they offer a careless image if they accumulate. These types of events favor socialization between them and prevent them from sitting all night.